Managing Your Social Marketing For Your Business

Many businesses are now putting a lot of effort into the social marketing campaigns. It can make a great difference in utilizing social sites like twitter, facebook, pinterest and many others. But many people neglect to utilize these outlets. In this post I will go over some tips that will help you better manage your social marketing efforts for your business.

Dont Forget about all Outlets

Many people will post to one outlet but forget about the others… For example you might update your facebook page but not update twitter to or Google +. You might have followers that are on twitter but not on your facebook page. Fortunately a lot of networks integrate with each other like facebook and twitter but not all of them do naturally. So make sure to update the others when posting to one.

There are also tools out there to help you with this, one that I will mention is Buzz Bundle. Not only will Buzz Bundle let you post to multiple networks you can also utilize multiple accounts on any social site for example if you have 2-3 different facebook accounts utilize all of them to get even more promotion out there.

Social Oomph another useful tool for social marketing allows you to schedule tweets, this can save you time of having to come up with content and tweeting on a normal basis. So you can load up a bunch of tweets and schedule them to go out in the future anytime that you want.

Images – Increases Views and Interaction

Using images in your tweets or on facebook can increase interactivity up to around 150%. Using plain text can often be overlooked but using a related image to your tweet or on your facebook post can be a huge difference. Even if you dont make your own image you can grab one off of IstockPhoto… One you will want to avoid is Getty images I hear they throw around lawsuits left and right for using copyrighted photos.

Another good benefit of using images in your social posts are Pinterest, they have become ever popular over the years and might end up getting you more exposure. So next time you add a updated post with an image why not upload it on Pinterest for more exposure?

A few other image related social networks are Tumblr and Instagram, these are some that you can take a look at. Just keep in mind not all niches are image friendly so you will just have to come up with creative ideas to utilize images in your posts.

Don’t Have Anything To Say?

Having something to release on social networks or post on twitter or facebook is usually one of the top reasons why people will not post. If you dont have anything to say simply retweeting a news story or update from a company or news outlet will let others know what you are interested in or can lead to a new follower. Utilizing hashtags might get the attention of others and lead to them retweeting your tweet.  You might be surprised but a lot of businesses may actually have more retweets and posts from news then actual news from themselves.

Remember To Add those New Email Addresses

Most social platforms will allow you to import your email address book. If you have a high volume of emails and new clients that you are in contact with via email you may want to add your address book on facebook, twitter and other social networks on a regular basis. Once you add this it will let you friend or follow your new clients or friends. Having more followers will of course help promote your business.

These are just a few ways to manage your social marketing efforts, I could probably write all day about other methods but I will go over these in later posts. See you soon!

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