Promoting Your Content – Free Social Bookmarking Tools in 2014

If you have a business online, more than likely you release new content on a normal basis. Having the right tools to promote that content is important otherwise no one will see it. Social bookmarking is a great starting point to promote your content. But utilizing only Facebook and Twitter for example might not be enough. I will cover some tools and sites that you can use for free to get extra promotion for your content.



I just found this site just recently that was recommended from a friend, and to say the least im quite impressed on how it works for free users. Keep in mind almost anything that is free does have some kind of catch as long as you are aware of what it is. The way Socialadr works for free users is that you will sign up to a handful of social networks and give the logins to the Social Adr (Please do not use existing accounts for the sake of security).  Once you sign up to the social accounts you can then promote other peoples posts and it does this almost automatically.

How it works

Say if you signed up for 20 social sites and you go to the social share queue, you can choose which post you want to share and when you click share Socialadr will handle the rest and post to your accounts. Each successful post that they make for you in return you get credits. These credits can be made to post your own content and it is then promoted by various people that use SocialAdr.

The benefits

One reason I believe Socialadr is unique is because your content is promoted by various users instead of posting from the same social accounts over and over… What does this mean? It means more diversity in where and whom is sharing your content. In return this can help make your content go viral to reach out to new areas of the web. Even if you have a tool to bookmark yourself you are basically sharing your content to the same accounts over and over and pretty much reaching the same people. Since different users are sharing your content each time they have different friends or followers.

The Cons

Since a lot of free users on SocialAdr sign up new social accounts a lot of times your content will be shared on accounts with people that have little friends. On the other hand they might be an aged Socialadr user and possibly might reach out to more users than you think so it could go either way.

Free accounts are limited to the amount of “shares” that they can make on their accounts which is currently 5 per day. So with a limited amount of credits per day means you will received limited shares for your own content. In general I got around 15-20 shares on my own content a day.

Paid Version

They have a few options with their paid service, the difference with the paid service is you dont have to worry at all about sharing others content. Simply enter the content of yours that you want to share and others will share it usually around 400 shares per URL (or content) with the starter paid version. Their starter service is $14.95 per month and would be enough for anyone with 1 or more sites. The next step is a big jump at $60 per month in most cases this would only be ideal for people with many sites or content they want to promote.

Overall though Socialadr is a great platform for anyone who wants to promote their own content for free. And for a little investment get their content shared much more. You can sign up and learn more about Social Adr by clicking the button below:


Another Free Option

Social Marker

This one has been around for awhile but if you dont like SocialAdr or using any money on bookmarking your content social marker is very easy and straight to the point. You dont have to sign up any accounts simply enter the information for your bookmark and submit.

The downside with this one is its limited to the amount of social networks that they use. But if you just need something to jump start your content without investing much time Social Marker is a good option.

Now days most good social promotion will end up costing you money in the long run. But if you have a lot of content its probably worthwhile investing in software like SocialMonkee, a paid account with SocialAdr or Bookmarking Demon these are probably the top 3 viable options right now in 2014.

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