8 Ways To Get More Traffic to Your New Blog Posts

As like any blogger or writer you are always wondering how to get more traffic to your new blog posts, even if your blog is already doing well there is always room for improvement. In this post im going to go over some methods that are used to get more traffic and exposure for your new blog posts. The bottom line is anyone can write new content but getting people to see it and read it is a whole other problem.

Some of the methods I will go over may be obvious and some others not…

#1 – Forum Promotion

Actually this one can be very effective, I have gone over this before in a few other posts. No matter what your niche is there is always a community forum that will fit your website. You can get hundreds of readers from forums, although this does not mean go there and just spam your new posts. here is what you do though… Most forums allow signatures while some have a minimum post count before it works.

Your first option is to simply fill out your signature of your profile with a link to the homepage of the blog.

Your other option is to update your signature to the link to the new blog post. And of course change the link title to the name of the post.

You can see an example of how it would look like from one of my signatures:


sample of signature link

Both options are a good choice, but with your second choice it is less broad and I feel will bring in more traffic. The downside is you will have to update your signature every time you make a new post.

Your work is not finished there though, once you save your signature you must engage with the posts on the forums. So read up on forums that relate to your niche help others, ask questions and just interact and it will pay off in the long run. Some webmasters main form of traffic can come from this method if you are very active on forums.

#2 Social Marketing

This one is pretty obvious to most people but still overlooked by some. Social marketing can be a broad method of traffic. Utilizing facebook updates, Tweets, and other social sharing is where most of your social marketing will take place. Some use 3rd party platforms or software to boost their efforts. I mentioned Social marketing in my previous post Managing Your Social Marketing For Your Business.

There are a few other ways to optimize your social marketing.

  • Utilize #hashtags in your tweets and facebook posts
  • Join related groups on Facebook and Linkedin
  • Promote your new posts to Facebook and Linkedin Groups
  • Don’t forget to post your new content on your Google + page

#3 – Commenting on Popular Blogs

Popular blogs bring in thousands of people a day, choosing to comment on these or other authority blogs in your niche will only help increase your exposure. But use common sense when commenting on other blogs… leave meaningful comments and not things like “nice post thanks”.

Another benefit of this is some commenting platforms on blogs allow users to fill out their profile with their own blog. If there isnt that option you will find some may allow you to enter your name and website simply leave a link to your main blog URL. In the longrun you could pick up a few extra readers.

To find popular to authority blogs its actually quite simple, utilize Google and type in some search terms that relate to your niche then you can look for blogs that have the best rankings. Generally those with high rankings tend to have a lot of traffic.


#4 WiseStamp or Email Signatures

I love wisestamp, if you are like me and send out a lot of emails or answer customer emails having a professional looking email signature can help shape your business profile.
Wisestamp allows you to embed your facebook, linkedin many others plus they also allow you to enter in your blog RSS feed which will show your latest blog post when sending emails. You can see an example below:


Wise Stamp Example


#5 Email Marketing

Chances are if you already have a list of subscribers you already know about this one. But if you dont I highly suggest starting one today. Having people opt in to your email list can be a highly effective way of promoting new posts. It might take a lot of work to get a decent amount of subscribers but it gives you an ideal platform to let others know about your new content.

It has also been researched that people on your email list are less likely to unsubscribe when you send out 5 or more emails in a month, so if you are only sending out a few every month your unsubscribes opt out rate may be higher. I think people have a conception that “if i send out too many emails they will unsubscribe” to some people who receive them this may be true but I did research others findings and as long as its under around 20 a month the opt out rate was lower.

A good way of starting up your own email list is adding a opt in box to your blog and also try to give away something free. You can also setup emails in advance to be sent out “X” amount of days after a new subscriber joins your list.

Two of the most popular email marketing platforms you can use are either Aweber or Getresponse.

Here are some solid tips to improve your email marketing:

  • Set up Double Opt ins – This means they have to confirm before being a subscriber. This will improve the quality of your subscribers and cut down on the amount of spammed signups.
  • Come up with a product or in depth guide and offer it for free to your subscribers
  • Having a squeeze page for your free offer will help with conversions, you can also advertise to your squeeze page
  • Promote your free offer with same methods that I am going over in this post
  • Use custom opt in forms for your readers to sign up on, in general the default ones are bland.
  • When broadcasting or sending out emails always give your readers value do not simply advertise to them


#6 – Youtube Or Videos

Adding a video for your new post can bring in readers from Youtube and other video sites. Keeping in mind it doesnt have to be a spectacular video but you can go over whatever your new post is about in a video. Maybe give some directions or live examples in your video.

A lot of people now because of the popularity with Youtube will make a video for each of their posts, while it can be a lot of extra work it may also help pay off in the long run. You can make videos with simple tools like Windows Video maker and use a screen capture software like Screencast.

Another option is you can hire someone from Fiverr to make a video for you, while it may not be a very long video there are some creative people over there who can make longer videos with upsale gigs.

Another option that isnt very creative but will help get more referral traffic from Youtube is converting your blog post into audio on a video and using a tool like MS powerpoint and copy – pasting out your blog post into a Powerpoint presentation. It may not be very popular but I see people doing this on Youtube.

#7 – Article Marketing

While not as popular as it used to be since Google hit article directories a few years back Article marketing can be a great way to promote your blog or a specific blog post. One thing to keep in mind in general most people who write articles to be used on article directories have less much content compared to a blog post… you can usually write a new unique piece of content for your blog post that will be used on an article directory.

ezine articles

One of the most popular article directories you can use is EzineArticles, I have been using them for years and currently have an Alexa rank of around 800. In my opinion, for article directories there isnt any that will provide you with much more traffic.

Here are some more tips when utilizing Article Marketing for blog promotion:

  • Write a unique article that will compliment or relate to your new blog post
  • Link to your blog post that you want to promote in the resource box
  • Having a link will also help slightly with SEO
  • Become an Authority figure in your niche, remember if you write a lot of articles you can attract even more people from these directories
  • Avoid using spun content for the purpose of promoting your blog, your goal is to get more readers from your link not for SEO purposes
  • Remember Article marketing is not dead as long as there is a broad Audience that reads the content


 #8 – Utilize Infographics in Your Blog Post

Infographics have become very popular, and a great way to promote your blog post on Pinterest or other image sharing networks is by adding a Infographic to your blog post. Obviously the infographic should relate to your blog post.

There are a few free good services out there that allow you to make your own infographics and provide you with some starting themes. One I will mention is Piktochart and they just offered me a free 14 day trial of their premium which I have to say I was pretty impressed how easily it is to make my own infographics.

To show you an example I made an infographic just for this post in all it took me maybe about 10 minutes. Now I have a infographic to use on pinterest and other image sharing sites. Also if you do not have an infographic you can simply use your featured image for your blog post and share that and link back to your new blog post.

promoting new blog posts

Another way to promote images or an infographic for your post is with Instagram, keep in mind you will need a mobile/cell phone to do this. Since Instagram is a mobile app you will need to upload your image to Dropbox. From there you can access your image on your mobile phone then upload it using Instagram. So now you have two of the best Image sharing networks available for your new posts.


In Summary these are just a few of the ways that you can promote your blog posts, there are many other creative ways to promote your posts if you have any that you want to share with the readers please comment below.

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