Different Ways on How To Get More Fans on Facebook

Facebook can be a great platform to promote your services, products and news about your company which also makes a great way of making more money. If you have a large fan base of followers on your page it allows more people to see when you update your facebook page. In this post I want to over some different ways on how to get more facebook fans.

Facebook Ads

The first and most obvious choice is facebook ads, while this will cost you money it is very effective and can narrow down the type of followers that you want which is why I use facebook ads on a normal basis. For example you can narrow down demographics for people only in your area, age, sex education and even preset spending habits. This is a great way to narrow down your targets for facebook fans. The only downside to narrowing it down is it might cost you more per like.

Tips on Using Facebook Ads:

When using FB ads to promote your fanpage make sure you optimize your ad that is being shown, if needed get a professional design for your facebook page so it will attract more fans. If you have a low quality ad its less likely for people to “like”.

Make sure to select “Interests” when selecting your audience to target, this narrows down the likelihood that they will be interested in seeing your updates on your fan page. For example if you have a fanpage that is sports related you can narrow it down to a specific sport that they like this way you know more than likely they will be interested in your updates.

Set budgets and max CPC, FB ads is generally quite affordable but make sure to select a max cpc rate for your ad. You can also setup daily budgets that wont be exceeded.

Promoting Your Page on Your Website and Blog

Another obvious choice that most people are already probably utilizing is make sure that you include a widget in a well seen area of your website. My Favorite like box is the one seen below which you can grab and personalize for your own page.

FB Widget


You can customize the above widget to specific dimensions and also include posts from your facebook page. Adding this widget in important areas of your website can help improve your fanbase. You can even take it a step further and when people checkout from your website after ordering products. On your thank you page or follow up page include a message and encourage them to follow you on facebook.

Promoting On Facebook

Being active on facebook is also a great way to get more fans. When you add updates on facebook you can also join up with related groups and also advertise the news or updates that you have added. This will help reach out to new audiences, while I don’t suggest simply spamming.

There are facebook groups on almost any topic, you can search the facebook search box for groups. At first you might just see companies or people in the search results but by clicking “see more results” it will show you all of the results and from there click “groups” this will show you all related groups. From here you can join many groups and will give you a platform for more promotion. While this method is a bit less demographic targeted as facebook ads it still is a good way of finding more fans.


If you have a business online most likely you will be sending a lot of emails, you can add your facebook page into your email signature through a widget. Wisestamp is a tool that I recently covered in another post in #4 8 Ways of Getting More Traffic To Your Blog.

With wisestamp you can add a lot of neat features to your email signature such as a facebook page widget, linkedin, twitter or even your latest post from your blog. By adding your facebook widget in your email it allows you to get more exposure for your fan page.

Updating Your Page

The last tip that some people might neglect is updating your facebook fan page on a normal basis. You might think because you dont have very many fans what is the point of updating? On the contrary for this reason it gives you even more reason to update more. If a potential fan visits your page and see’s the last update was 6 months ago they might be less likely to like your page compared to one that is updated weekly. So add content as much as possible, add images and helpful tips relating to your niche. You can even post related news to your niche.

These are just a few ways of promoting and getting more fans on Facebook. If you put your mind to it you can start increasing your fan base everyday.

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