On Page Search Engine Optimization Factors That Play A Key Role

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On page search engine optimization plays a large role in ranking your pages, without having proper optimization for your keywords you can end up having a site full of pages with very little search engine traffic. In this post I will be providing tips on optimizing your website and also factors that you can improve on.



Content and more content, you can never have enough. The more content you have the better, I often see many people have tons of pages but one thing that they lack is content. This is more true when it comes to Ecommerce sites that sell products, don’t be lazy and use the same content on multiple categories, always take the extra time to produce more unique content for each of your pages.

Content will be the backbone of your on page optimization, without content you have very little options in providing solid value for the search engines to index. Another benefit of added content is the option to target more than one keyword per page.

When optimizing your content you need to consider the keyword density for the keywords that you are targeting. You can utilize exact matches and also semi matching keywords this means only a partial part of the keyword. Ideally you want to use at least one or two instances of the keyword that you are targeting in the content and this is not counting H1 tags.

You will also want to ensure every page is utilizing an H1 tag, the H1 tag should be used towards the top of the page and is generally placed right before your content.

Page Title

The title plays an important part in telling search engines and visitors to your site what the page is about, ensure that you utilize the page title and meta title for your keyword, a good example of a title is “Keyword – Brand name (or website name).

There are two different ways to utilize a title, one is for your visitors which is just the plain title in html. While the other is the meta title which the users cannot see and is primarily for search engine. Generally both of these match, but if you prefer to use different versions you can do that.

Alt Image Tags

Almost any page or website will utilize pictures on their website, you can even utilize these by using the alt img tag for each image. This will allow Google to determine what the photo is about. You should ensure to describe the image in text, and not use it as a keyword filler.

Meta Description

The meta description should be a brief summary of what the page includes or is about, this is a good place to also include the keyword(s) of the page. The meta description should be around 160 characters or less to avoid being cut off in the search engine results.

In summary these are some of the most important aspects that you should be reviewing for your on page optimization, there are many other smaller factors that should also be taking into consideration when optimizing your site. The most important tip is to provide quality and unique content for all of your pages.

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