Small Techniques You can Use For Twitter For Big Results

Do you sometimes feel like you are wasting your time on Twitter? Maybe you post updates but don’t get any interaction back from your tweets. In this article you will find some basic tips to help you squeeze the most out of your Twitter experience to improve your marketing.

Follow Authority and Fans Alike

If you are new on twitter or don’t have many followers the best way to start getting more followers is by following others. If you are serious about using twitter as a marketing tool, you need to follow people every day. By following fans you are in essence building out to get more exposure out, when you follow someone often times they will follow you back.

Utilize Hash Tags #

twitter hashtag

One of the most obvious techniques that is often overlooked by newcomers and even veteran tweeters is utilizing hash-tags on your tweets. Some people often forget to use one of these in their tweets. To get the most out of the hash-tag ensure you are using the most popular term that relates to your content. When you begin to type in a hash-tag Twitter provides a drop down to select the popular terms. Make sure that you are utilizing this feature by selecting one of these terms, these preset terms generally are more popular than a hash tag that is not present.


Share Interesting Content

One of the most important aspects of tweeting is finding interesting and viral content that people would enjoy. If you read the news everyday you often might find a breaking story or a bizarre story, share similar stories like these but try to keep them geared towards your niche. Various experts found by sharing stories a few times a day they gain new followers and also get re-shares from their followers. Just don’t forget to add hash tags when sharing the content.

Utilize Pictures

When tweeting you can add images into your tweet, when tweeting with an image it’s a known fact that you receive around 18% more clicks and 89% more favorites just by adding an image. Of course you have to keep in mind to add only relevant images to your tweet.

Interact With Others

There are a few ways to interact with others, you can use @(twittername) to send them messages for their twitter homepage or you can send them a direct message where only the user you send it to can see it. Ideally for exposure it is best to use the @ feature but keep in mind this will show up on your homepage but only if you follow them. By interacting with others you can spark up a conversation and add more life into your twitter homepage.

Create A Unique Profile Design

Profile twitter design

You don’t have to stick with the default twitter profile designs, you can add your own picture and backgrounds. By keeping the defaults which tend to become boring over time add a unique twitter background which you can find on various sites or if you want one to fit your own brand you can have a designer create one.

All of these tips are a great way to get a start in your Twitter efforts, just remember that often the best twitter profiles are the ones that are updated often that is probably one of the most important tips to follow.

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